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ST.Catherine Hotels
  St. Catherine Village                                                                         4 stars****
ST.catherine village  

St.Catherine Village Located within the residential area of The Denver Technological Center (DTC), Surrounded by the Sinai Mountains, we are proud to present our unique style of Senior Living…


 Morgenland Village                                                                             3 stars***


Morgenland village nestles in the mountains of south Sinai, only 4 km from the famous monastery of St.Catherine, 2 kilometers from the city centre.


 Daniela Village                                                                                      3 stars***

Catherine is situated at the heart of the Sinai Peninsula. Through the centuries St. Catherine has been the Holy Land where Jewish, Christian and Moslem religions received the Ten Commandments from the Lord

 Plaza Hotel                                                                                            3 stars***

Plaza Hotel is the first and the most modern hotel in the area with an excellent standard, this hotel is located in the heart of St.Catherines village and is a few minutes walk to the monastery.