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Hurghada Hotels

 El Tabia Hotel                                                                                          2 stars**

el tabia  

El Tabia is a small, comfortable three stars HotelBeautiful garden around the hotel, about 3 Kilometers from the center,


 ST. Maria Hotel                                                                                    2 stars**


St. Maria Hotel is located in Elkora aria of the Hurghada city and just 15 min drive from the airport and 15 min from the city centre.

 Ambassador Club                                                                                     2 stars**


Ambassador Club in front of Hurghada Airport.

 Moon Valley Hotel                                                                                      2 stars**

Moon Valley Hotel is a 3 stars hotel located in down town


 Sea horse Hotel                                                                                        2 stars**


Sea Horse Hotel is Quite location near the city (5 min walk to the center)Around our hotel there are many Restaurants, pubs, shops, shuttles transfer to the hotel owned beach,

 Presidential Hotel                                                                                      2 stars**


Presidential Hotel is a 2 Star Hotel Located on the northern Plateau of Hurghada.
It is just a 300 meter stroll to the many kind of restaurants and arcades of the resort center and 100 meters to sandy beach.

 Roma  Hotel                                                                                         3 stars***


Roma Hotel Is located on the Red Sea coast; it boasts its own private sandy beach and is situated in Hurghada's Sakala district.

 Sand Beach Hotel                                                                                3 stars***

Sand Beach hotel Sand beach hotel is located in the centre of the city and just 30 min drive from the airport and 5 min from the city Centre.

 Triton Empire Hotel                                                                              3 stars***


Triton Empire Is The hotel is in the downtown area of Hurghada, only 250 metres from a private beach and in a shopping arcade
You can enjoy everything what is available on the Red Sea.

 Waves Hotel                                                                                          3 stars***

Waves Beach Resort modern3 stars Resort on the Red Sea 5 Minutes from Hurghada International airport

 Mina Mark Hotel                                                                               4 stars****
mina mark

Mina Mark Hotel is located at Sakkala area as near as 7 minutes
From Hurghada international Airport

 Regina Style Hotel                                                                            4 stars****

regina style

Regina Style Hotel is ideally situated in the city center and directly on the beach. Just 7 km away from Hurghada International airport and 7 km from Hurghada bus station.

 Aladdin beach resort                                                                      4 stars****       

Aladdin Beach is a prestigious four star hotel located in Hurghada and built to the highest standards of hospitality

 Ali BaBa Palace                                                                                   4 stars****

Ali Baba palace The resort is only 8 KM from the airport and 15 KM from the downtown, 15 km from the downtown


 Jasmine Village                                                                                    4 stars****


Jasmin Village Jasmine Village is uniquely situated in front of a coral reef 200 meters long. Guests can easily snorkel to the reef to view majestic Marine Beauty.

 Le pasha Resort                                                                                   4 stars****

Le pasha a 4 stars situated at "Sakkala" - the town center and the heart of Hurghada, where the famous shopping area with its luxury boutiques. It is a few minutes from the airport and the port of Hurghada.

El Mashrabia Hotel                                                                           4 stars****


EL Mashrabia Village a 4 Stars Hotel & resort located at the tiptop of Hurghada, directly at the new Hotels promenade of Hurghada & 5 minute from Hurghada international Airport.